Susan James Coach

Coaching for Entrepreneurs – My Clients Have Results

I work with professionals who want:



  • More Money
  • Less Worry
  • Solid Results
  • More Free Time


My clients are successful. Most of them were successful before they worked with me.

Then why do successful people need a coach? Why would you need a coach?

The truth is—you don’t. Unless of course you have a dream, a vision of something bigger—something you see as possible but distant—or possible for other people, but probably not for you. You may very well have a sense deep down that you can do it, but you just wouldn’t know how or where to even begin.

That’s one important part of a coaches job—to work with you to get clear on where to begin and on the first steps to take. We work together to create a game plan so you can go after and get what you want.

The second job of a coach is to be there for you when you forget that you can do it (you will), when you get sidetracked into tasks not related to your dream (you will), when you get knocked down and want to quit (you will).

 What are others saying?

“Susan coached me through business and life for many, many years. My life is not random or accidental. It is caused every day through choice, declaration and practice. I trust myself to run alone now, but would strongly recommend coaching to anyone that wonders what life would be like with someone to really worked on you with you. For me the answer was Susan James, thanks Coach!” ~George Crothall

“I’ve hit the excitement stage. Really good work is just flowing out.Your coaching has been excellent!” ~Chris Henry Fine Arts