Four Practices Of Successful Entrepreneurs

2.4.15In order to succeed in business, and in life, we need basic practices that become valuable, dependable allies when our problems loom larger than we are.

Every person has a set of default practices that he has learned over the years.  They usually remain in the background until we are faced with a challenge; then they come forward.  These default practices are seldom what is needed to succeed in business.  You may want to adopt some new ones.

Here are the practices I use every day. They are effective and powerful.

  • Keep your word.  Communicate immediately if you cannot.
  • Claim responsibility when something goes wrong.
  • Measure for results and include a “by when” date for the results to occur.
  • Have someone you trust hold you accountable for these results.

When business people use these practices there is a certain ease about them.  They are trust worthy.  If they make a mistake, it is easy to forgive them and carry on.  In short, on the playing field of business, these practices go a long way in having people be respected and successful.

They are not always easy to adhere to.  It is easier to remain silent (rather than communicate).  It is always tempting to blame someone else (rather than take the responsibility yourself).  And the safety of not telling anyone what we intend to do (in case it doesn’t turn out).  Haven’t we all done that?  In the end, the easy way bites us, causes more problems, and makes us seem untrustworthy.

Being conscious of using the practices gives you the opportunity to stand out, be respected, and trusted.

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    One thought on “Four Practices Of Successful Entrepreneurs

    1. Chris Henry

      Hey Susan,
      Thank you for sharing this. I forwarded your article to 12 family members.
      The four practices you talk about here have made a huge difference for me being a successful professional artist, and by using these practices it has also allowed more joy and ease in the rest of my life. I like that you called them practices. When I practice sometimes I fail, but by continuing to practice I develop more muscle and out of that more results get produced. As far as having someone to trust that will hold you accountable for your results, I can think of no one better to be in your corner than Susan James.


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