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7.1.15July 1 marks the ending and a new beginning of your business quarter.  How is your business doing?  Are you hitting your targets?  Exceeding them?  Bravo!

For those of you who cannot celebrate such business success, perhaps it is time to consider hiring a business coach.

I know, I know, this is shameless promoting of my services.  Please stick with me and see if any of the following pain points ring true for you.

  • You are stuck for creative ideas for marketing your solution for your target markets’ pain points.
  • You want to move faster in signing up new clients.
  • You have a business but no private life because you are working all the time.
  • You want extraordinary results in your business.
  • You become easily distracted and don’t implement the simple steps that would insure your business success.
  • You want a second opinion from someone who knows about managing successful businesses.
  • You are in your comfort zone and need to have a breakthrough.

If you answer yes to any of the above statements, it is time to seriously consider hiring a business coach.

It is worth your time to interview some business coaches to see if you are a match.  And, don’t be shy about letting the potential coach know that you are browsing around to see what a coach can offer you with your particular conundrum in business.  They will understand and not make you feel uncomfortable.  If they don’t understand and leave you feeling “icky” about the interview, that person is not the coach for you.

And, you can call me!  My first consultation is free and I would love to meet you!  You can reach me for an appointment at


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