It’s Free ….Is It A Fake-out Or Valuable?

1368-1-fake-text-freeAs you may have noticed there are a plethora of free offerings on the internet and coming into your in-box.  It seems that June opened the floodgates of generosity coming from the most unlikely places.  I say unlikely since some of the free offerings usually do have a price tag on them, or are some cleverly hidden come -on’s to buy a product or service.  But, not now!

What I am noticing is that free means just that.  It doesn’t mean free “if”.  It does mean free.  Some of the people making the offerings actually are up front with they will do if you take them up on their free product.  Usually you sign up for the free item and  the offer-er will be entitled to send you more offerings.  The ones that are the most up front also say that you can opt out or cancel your membership in their campaigns at any time.  I find it all very refreshing.  I tend to be drawn to web-sites with authentic free offerings.  I am betting you are too.

There are some internet marketers who are still playing games with all of this free offering stuff.  I have noticed when you do “opt out” you have to read the message very carefully or you are “opting – out” of one thing but giving permission to be put on another list.  I think that’s very tricky and I don’t like it and usually, mark the whole thing as junk and block the sender.

The offerings that I am taking right now are wonderful, value packed and exactly what I have been looking for to either move my career a little further or totally entertain and sometimes,even train me in something I am interested in. For sure, given the way the offerings are made and delivered to my in box, I will continue to look forward to hearing from these people.

I would love to hear from you!  What is your experience of free offers on the internet?

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