Let’s Start Something!

7.29.15It doesn’t matter when we start.  It doesn’t matter where we start.  All that matters is that we start.
-Simon Sinek

The starting principle that Sinek refers to sounds easy to people who are in the stands watching the players play the game.  What game, you ask?  The game of entrepreneurship.  What I have found as an entrepreneurial coach is that unlike great athletes who know they are going for the championship, entrepreneurs usually wait until they are painfully stuck to call in help.  Notice my use of the word painfully.  It is not until they are feeling pain that they contact a coach.  Many times they have been uncomfortable for quite a while before they finally decide to take the first action to resolve the problem.

In taking that first the action, other actions are easier to take.  And usually within a few weeks, they have results that were not going to happen anyway.  This sounds like magic; however it’s not; they have started something, and when you start something, a shift occurs in how you do things; opportunities present themselves, opportunities that you hadn’t seen before.

Here is how to make something happen:

  • Be willing to fail.
  • Keep your word.
  • Measure for results.
  • Be willing to be held to account.
  • Be responsible for what happens in your business.

And yes, a person can do it by themselves and some do.  However, having a trusted adviser or mentor engaged with you, the process goes faster and usually is a lot more fun.

If you are stuck and want some support, please contact me.  Together we will start something!


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