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What’s Your Most Powerful Word?

5.27.15How is your business going?

We do not always think about the power of the words we use to describe our lives, feelings, behaviors and yes, our businesses.  It is through what we say about our lives and business that we define how we behave and even the outcomes that happen to us.

Phrases and adjectives can actually define what happens to us.  For instance, years ago I was a probation officer for both juveniles and adults.  It was the words, tattooed on my clients arms and hands that indicated to me what they really thought of themselves; and many times, more often than not, those words totally described their lives.  I would wince when I saw the words “Born to Lose” tattooed on a body.  Each time I saw it I knew that they were fulfilling on their own prophesy.  These people did not think they had a chance so they didn’t take the actions that would have changed their “bad luck”; they just kept on doing what they had always done, even though they knew where it would lead.

I think that you get my point here.  So, what word will you choose to inspire you and your business as you head into the the second half of 2015?

Here are some words that I found on “List ly” that people are using to describe the results that they want in themselves and their business: awake, implement, smarter, ignite, abundance, amplify, progress, living, re-imagine, humility, simplicity, know, embrace, give, action, now, uphold, do.

The word that I find inspiring is “powerful”.  The rest of this year will be powerful for both my clients and for me.  Using that word as a litmus test for actions, and then measuring for results, will give me a pathway for achieving what it is I want to achieve.

Now it’s your turn.

What is your word?  What word will inspire you to make the rest of 2015 awesome?


One Easy Step To Becoming More Powerful

Let’s continue the discussion we began last week, when I said, “ . . . to make keeping your word a moral issue saps it of much of its power and all of its joy.”

Look and see if you feel righteous when you keep your word, or especially when Being Powerful5.15other people don’t.  Do you get angry when people don’t?  Disappointed?  If so, then it’s most likely a moral issue.  I did the right thing, or they were wrong.  It’s been drilled in us since we were children; good people keep their word; people who don’t are bad, but such a stance is quicksand.  If you are good, someone must be bad.  The word good is meaningless without bad.  Suppose that:

“There ain’t no sin and there ain’t no virtue. There’s just stuff people do.”                                                                                                                             John Steinbeck

And then consider this: When someone says to you, “I’ll do it,” and you accept his word, then you are a party to it; you have assumed a certain responsibility in the matter.  Is this true?  Not among ordinary people in the world.  It’s true only for the truly powerful.  The question is: “What is your intention?  To be good?  Or to be powerful?”  (powerful: producing, or capable of producing, an intended result) This is the real value in keeping your word.

Generally, when we think of powerful people, we think of the rich, the famous, and and those in power; and yes, some of those people are powerful.  But ask yourself: If the people in high places are so powerful, why does there appear to be so much effort involved in their lives?  The people I know who are truly powerful don’t spend their lives in an effort to amass great wealth, fame, or importance.  They seem to have a sufficiency of whatever they need, whenever they need it.  When they say something, it happens.  They don’t have to hammer other people; the people around them get to win too.  How do they do this?  By not setting other people up to fail.  But, more important, powerful people don’t set themselves up by expecting—or worse, depending upon—unreliable people to keep their word.

Keeping your word is like using a muscle; it gets stronger and stronger with use.  The outcome of this is that your word has power—what you say, happens.  The place to start is right here, and the time to start is right now.