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How To Have Time Off During The Holiday Season

12.2.15Have you recovered yet from the amount of gratitude that you have received from the people who either celebrate or recognize the American Thanksgiving Day as a holiday for immense gratitude?  I know that I have felt a little woozy just from reading all the emails and Facebook posts about gratefulness.  And, I think that it is wonderful given all of the violent horror that we have witnessed in the world, and for some of us, in our own countries, states, neighborhoods and cities.

And now, what we have next is the holiday season.  We all are touched by the holiday spirit of celebrating and giving during this last month of the year.  Entrepreneurs can be easily distracted from focusing on business when there is so much fun to have and so many to do items to check off our list so that the holidays are bright and shining for our families, beloved friends, colleagues, and customers.

I have a simple suggestion for you to take some of the burden of the holiday season away.  Use time this week to look at your calendar and plan to take some well-deserved time off so that you too can enjoy the season.  This is not an original suggestion, I know.  In fact most large businesses recognize that the last two weeks of year are the slow period of their business and being realistic, they schedule for their staff to take time off.  We as entrepreneurs reject this idea because, after all, we are responsible for the success of our businesses.  However, I do think you can have it all, business success and quality time off.  It is a matter of planning for accomplishing what you want to accomplish this month and planning to be off.  How much time off is up to you.  You can decide that when you look at past years business cycles and know when during this month, your business is predictably slow or even nonexistent.

I know you will be responsible for making the best choices for your business because that is who you are.  If you feel stuck or want to talk out how to plan for taking time off and have your business run smoothly, please give me a call.  I am here for you!


Can a Quote Change the Way You Live?

5.7.14One of my clients sent me this:

“The only people in life you want to get even with are the people who helped you.”

Robert Morris

His father told him when he was young: “That’s great philosophy from a man with an 8th grade education”.  And indeed it is.

It is such wisdom that can make you think and re-evaluate how you waste your time trying to get even with people who you think did you wrong.  What if instead, you spent your time getting even with the people who did you right?  We often think that saying thank you is enough, but what if you returned the help or support and did something great for them?  What possibilities could arise from that?

Such wisdom is useful in transforming how you work with people.  If you use it to guide your life, your energy will be guided in a positive direction.  You will probably sleep better as well.

After hearing this quote I began to think of how wise quotes melt into my life and how I use them to live my life.  Think about it.  What quotes do you use to guide you through the churning waters of living?

Here are two I use frequently: “God never closes a door without opening a window.”  It gives me strength in those hopeless situations when I have exhausted all I know to do.

The second is: “If you don’t use your head, you have to use your feet.”  It makes me think about what I am doing—am I doing it the most effective way?—or am I doing it the way I have always done it?  After all, I’m lazy and I hate backtracking.

Now it’s your turn.  What quotes do you use to get through a rough or confusing time?  I am eager to hear them and use them.  As always, I appreciate your comments.


Photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotes.net