About Susan James Coach

Hi, I’m Susan James.

I coach business people, most of whom already enjoy successful, profitable careers. They work with me because they have a dream, a vision of something they see as possible but distant. They may have a sense that they can achieve it, but they don’t know how or where to begin. I have two jobs—to work with you to get clear on where to begin, and to be there for you when you forget that you can do it. I am there when you get sidetracked into tasks not related to your dream, and I am there when you get knocked down and you want to quit. My job is to have you win.

How I Got Here


Fresh out of Indiana University with a brand new master’s degree, I went to work teaching English in a prison.  My students were teenagers—hard core.  Not a promising place for a recent sorority girl.  But something extraordinary happened there.  The students not only liked me, they liked my English lessons—and they actually started behaving in my classroom.  The other teachers couldn’t figure it out.  There were no fights in my classes.  What was I doing that they weren’t?  I began to coach the other teachers—ostensibly in how to interact with the kids, but really in how to avoid riots.  The situation was that desperate.

Eventually the governor heard about it.  He tapped me to represent him personally in a new state initiative to prevent juvenile delinquency, and later to work directly with him.  Of course governors come, and then they go.  With the next change in state leadership I moved on to other jobs: director of several state and county agencies, director of a private non-profit foundation, statewide director of sales and marketing teams, and finally fifteen years as the Chief of Operations of an internationally recognized consulting company.  In that position I had hundreds of clients whom I coached personally.  I was too successful—my husband had to insist that I cut back on my work load.  Always these jobs seemed to demand that I coach others to excel.  For me that was easy.  I was able to see possibilities for people that they could not see for themselves.

I did not consciously choose to be a professional coach.  It chose me.  I met a dynamic woman who was “coaching” people to get up in the morning — and she was getting paid for it.  What???  I was incredulous.  Out of curiosity, I asked more questions.  The idea of being paid to work with people giving them what they wanted sounded like exactly what I was doing except for no pay.  She said I could do it too and hired me on the spot to work for her.

Well, obviously my life’s work is not waking people up.  A short while later I started my own company, coaching small business owners.  They had miracles.  They made more money, sometimes a lot more, and they were happier in their businesses.

My work as a coach has been influenced by several transformational leaders, Martha Beck, Eckhart Tolle, and yes…Yoganada!

People hire me after they become frustrated with trying to start something new and it doesn’t work.  They are disappointed in their results.  They want a game plan and someone to collaborate with.  I will work with you to design and implement a plan to get you back to work, work that you love.  You will not be alone and hopeless.  We will have fun and get the “job” done together.

All my best for your success!



pht-mary-jim-spickaYou have such a GIFT. We hear it on the news, read it in every magazine… so many people are asking themselves, “What’s my plan B, and how do I get from here to there.” This is what people are all thinking. You are special… you have a spirit that opens to the universe and draws people in… for you to show people a holistic approach to life, how to get from passion to purposeful living WITH a plan, it something you already do! It’s intuitively your thing.

Mary Spicka- Boise, Idaho

Little did I know how much I needed a “Life Coach”. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your advice and support as well as your kind words to others. I hold you in the highest regard!

Jim Spicka, Artist, Boise, Idaho

pht-jane-pritchardOne of the big reasons my business has been so successful is because of the one on one work I did with Susan James. Susan is an expert coach to have one’s business soar! I owe so much to her expertise. Thank you, Susan, for all you have done for me and my business. You are marvelous!

Jane Pritchard, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, www.jinshinjane.com

 Mariel CarrilloI am very grateful for your coaching.  It  was very wonderful and super great.  I enjoy every minute coaching with you. It is very helpful to have somebody to talk to about all my ideas. Coaching with you enriches my ideas and makes them even better.

Mariel Carrillo, President, Turismo Nautico, Cruiseship Port Agent, Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico

The context of my life has changed and that is a win. I look at my self not as a victim, but instead as a person with possibility and opportunity. I know myself as a person of ability in the face of any old story or racket I have going on. Stated simply I live a life of empowerment far more often than not. A foundational change in my existence.

William Follett IV, Albuquerque, New Mexico