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I coach business people, most of whom already enjoy successful, profitable careers. They work with me because they have a dream, a vision of something they see as possible but distant. They may have a sense that they can achieve it, but they don’t know how or where to begin. I have two jobs—to work with you to get clear on where to begin, and to be there for you when you forget that you can do it. I am there when you get sidetracked into tasks not related to your dream, and I am there when you get knocked down and you want to quit. My job is to have you win.

This is how I work:

Business Coaching for Having Results

Quick Start Session:

This 50 minute Quick Start session is perfect  for those of you who just want to “run something by” a  consultant who is committed to your success.  You’ve already done a lot of the steps of having results in your business, you know where you are going and are stuck on a couple of items—perhaps, is this really the right direction for me or can I really do what I think I want to do? You want to talk it over and get on with it. 

The Way It Works:

  1. You sign up for a 50 minute session.
  2. I will send you some questions to get us ready for the session.
  3. We meet via the telephone or Skype.

 Cost of the Quick Start Session is $500.00


Having Extraordinary Results Coaching Package

This coaching package is for you if you have done everything you know to do and it is not working. You are disappointed with your results. You are resigned but haven’t given up. You are seeking a coach or mentor to guide you to a new beginning.

You may be feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and now find you have no clarity, focus and have lost hope in ever having the results you dream of having. Your self confidence is dwindling and do not know how to get started again.

I will work with you to accomplish results that you had been thinking about but not achieving and take you where you want to go in your business or even somewhere you never thought you could go.

The Way It Works:

50 minute meetings over the phone for 2 times each month for 3 consecutive months. Between sessions there will be homework and e-mail support.

These sessions will be designed personally for you and your unique situation. They are private and confidential. There is no cookie cutter solution. This is about you and your life. In each session we will work on and solve issues or situations that have come up between sessions.

Together we will develop a workable plan for you to achieve the results you dream about. We will collaborate on ways to disappear or change the challenges that are stopping you. You will find your self in action and achieving more than you thought was possible. At the end of the 3 months, you will be more productive, successful, accountable, and have a life you love.  By working with me you will develop keen insights, measurable results, high performance structures, skills, and disciplines. You will be inspired by who you are.

Cost of the the Get Back to Work Package is $ 750.00 per month

Are you ready to Have Extraordinary Results in Your Business?

Here is what you do first:

1. Sign up for a complimentary consultation. Do that here.
2. We will consult and you will see if we are a match.
3. You will decide which coaching package works best for you.
4. You will schedule your call and we will begin to create actions for results!

More questions? Ask me anything.


pht-mike-altmanSo, here I am, 66-years old, retired (mostly) highly successful business person, lawyer, parent, grandfather, completely capable and able, full of energy and vigor and focused like a laser on the job in front of me. I’m hammering it into an elegant, powerful story and I DON’T SEE what is an inch outside my focus. Humongous freaking opportunities, life-changing opportunities that would float on by if I wasn’t brilliant enough to hire Susan James as my coach! Gawd, I’m glad I’m brilliant!

Michael J. Altman, JD,

pht-chris-henryHaving Susan as my coach has made a huge difference in my being an artist and entrepreneur. Out of our coaching sessions I am now a full time artist showing in several galleries. I have sold my art through out the U.S. and best of all I get to live my passion.

When we first started, I got very quickly she was committed to my success. I can always count on her to keep me true to my vision, and when I get stopped or off course, she has a knack for letting me know where I need to focus to move me forward. I feel very fortunate to have her in my corner. If your committed to having an extraordinary business, and taking it to the next level, you want to have a coach, and from my experience they don’t come any better than Susan. I give her a 5 star rating.

Chris Henry, Sonoma County, CA,

pht-jim-spicaSusan said to me “I am sure there are many people out there who are really struggling with re-employment concerns in this economy but I also think that there are quite a few who are only really searching for a new beginning to actualize some talent or yearning but just can’t ‘see’ how to make it happen.”

This is where Susan James excels!. She has the experience, the life encounters, that uniquely prepare her for her role as a facilitator and actuator for those who have “made it” but still, somehow, feel unfulfilled.

I sensed, from the first moment I met Susan, that she was ideally suited to provide truly professional motivational assistance to individuals striving to accomplish sometimes suppressed lifelong desires for self-fulfillment and the attainment of new heights of personal accomplishment.

Susan must be experienced, not just read about.

Jim Spica, Artist, Boise, Idaho

pht-kim-altmanSusan James is my coach now and she has been my coach for the better part of the last 19 years. The results I’ve produced in both my life and in my business have been far greater with Susan as my coach than what I know they would have been on my own. She is a wonderful listener, very compassionate, full of very creative ideas and isn’t afraid to tell me what she sees, even if she thinks I might not agree. And, when I’ve taken her coaching, things have always show up better for me than had I not!

My husband and I had been retired for a few years, but due to the economy and the drying up of our investments, we both decided to go back to work. I thought I knew what I wanted to do, but after venturing down that route without much success, and being at a loss as to know what to do next, I hired Susan again and she completely turned my world around! Not only did she have the courage to tell me she didn’t think what I had chosen was the direction that was best suited for me, but she actually told me what she saw me doing, which turned out to be a much better fit for me and I was smart enough to take her coaching. I am now very enthusiastically ensconced in my new career and loving every minute of it. I would not have taken this path had I not hired Susan as my coach in this new period of my life!

I would highly recommend Susan James if you are looking for a coach who is absolutely committed to supporting you to have a life that you love!

Kimberly Altman

pht-mason-lindquistI have been involved with Susan James on a professional level for almost one year now. I can’t say enough about her skills as a business and life coach. She has the ability to see deeper into the issue and come up with a strategy to move you and your business forward. If you are looking to get serious about creating a better life or business, her services are a must.

Mason Lindquist, President, Resort Real Estate Services,

pht-dr-purcellAs a coach, Susan is insightful and present in each interaction. She makes helpful suggestions that build on each other without feeling overwhelmed. Coaching with her has been a good fit for me and my business.

Andrea Purcell, ND, Naturopathic Doctor,,